Energy Drink Matchup

Tony Booth matches his daily outfits with his energy drinks

Damion Howell, Staff Writer

Not many try to dress like their drinks, but sophomore Tony Booth has been doing this for about four years. He likes to choose daily outfits to match his energy drinks he gets almost daily from the Prairie Mart near Lake School and Casey’s General Store. 

He first had the idea when his clothing matched his energy drink the idea sparked. He’s been matching his drinks since about sixth grade, “The first time was accidental,” said Booth “Someone pointed it out and it was funny to me.”

Not many people know about this fashion choice and the reasons he does it is not only for himself but also for others. “I enjoy seeing people’s reactions knowing I do it purposely,” Booth Said.

Sophomore Tony Booth poses in his blue outfit to match his energy drink. (Sophia Walsh)

One of Booth’s personal friends, Markus Torres, had an opinion on Booth’s avocation. “Today he had a multicolored energy drink that matched every color on his clothing, so yes I have seen him do it; I just really don’t notice it”, said Torres “I think it’s really funny and artistic, I am going to talk to him about it now and see why he does it.”

Booth doesn’t plan out his clothing choices in advance; he only does it when he gets a chance to stop at one of his two favorite gas stations on the way to school, or if he has one left over from the day before. Recently, Booth has been leaning away from Monster. “During the pandemic, I’ve been drinking more G-Fuel [Game Fuel].”  Booth’s favorite flavor of Game Fuel is Red Mountain Dew, and his favorite Monster flavor is Mango Loco.

Sophomore Tony Booth poses in his orange outfit to match his energy drink. (Sophia Walsh)

The outfit process typically starts early in the morning. “Today the outfit came first, I put on clothes matching gray and white because I knew Monster had this [color scheme],” said Booth “When I went to the gas station to fill up my gas, I also bought a monster that matched my outfit. 

Booth says that matching his clothing and drinks prepares him for the day. “You need to try it before you can say anything, “said Booth. Although not too many know this is a style of his, Booth still wants others to know it is a lot of fun. “It gives you more of an idea, and a planning sense.”

Booth has been matching his drinks for around four years now and does not plan on quitting anytime soon. When Booth was asked how much longer he will keep matching his outfits and his drinks he said, “Until I can’t anymore.”