Inking up for the cars

NPHS students sell temporary tattoos and stickers to raise money.

Aliya VanMeter, Staff Writer

Everybody needs a car, and junior Isabella Bravo is getting hers back one sticker at a time.  

Bravo has teamed up with freshman Matthew Woodward to start North Platte Toys and More, a new business that sells temporary tattoos, stickers, and stuffed animals. “We call it toys and more because we have toys and a lot more,” said Woodward. 

They just started their business recently, though they’ve been friends for a lot longer. “I’ve known him since 7th grade, but we just now became best friends”, said Bravo.

Woodward is in it mainly just to help a friend. “He wanted to help me try to get a car,” said Bravo. 

Bravo said she needs to earn about $2000 to fix her cards. “The black one is $1,200 to get fixed and then the blue one is $900,” she said. 

Bravo and Woodward are selling each sticker or tattoo for 25 cents with a goal of $900. “A dollar really isn’t even that much, and for a dollar, you could get four really cool stickers,” said buck.

A student showing one of the tattoos that Toys and More offers. (Sophia Walsh)


So far, they’ve made $59. “We work really well together,” Woodward said. 

Bravo’s mom helps out by selling products at home. Woodward and his mom are supplying the merchandise.

Bravo’s mom works and can’t give her rides all the time.  “I need to have one because I work pretty much all the time,” she said. “It’s safe to say, I just really need a car.” 

Starting this business has piqued Woodward’s curiosity about owning a business in the future. He would like to start a business when he gets older. “I think owning a restaurant or something could be fun,” he said.

Junior Elsacia Buck thinks it’s cool that two students have started a business at school. “I love being able to buy stuff from them,” she said. “It’s very inexpensive.” 

Buck wants the duo to be successful by spreading the word. “I told a few people to follow their Instagram page,” she said.