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A diagram of the contents of the Travis Scott order.

When Travis Scott orders for you

A review of McDonald's trending meal
Nathenial Crow, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 21, 2020

I am part of a trend on TikTok. I’ve eaten the Travis Scott burger. McDonald’s and Travis Scott teamed up to offer the rapper’s favorite meal to customers. a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon,...

Sophomore Shayna Buker cheerfully hands a customer their change at the Love’s McDonald’s. Shayna says often customers are very rude, but she always smiles and acts like the bigger person.

She’s lovin’ it

A day in the life of: Shayna Buker
Syble Heffernan, Editor in Chief November 4, 2016

For most high school students, the typical day after class involves sports practice, play practice, musical practice, time at home, doing homework, or a few hours of work. Sophomore Shayna Buker is an...

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