NPHS custodian remains in critical condition after accident



File photo of custodian Josh Reynolds (’13) Who remains in critical condition after a car accident on Aug. 21.

North Platte High School custodian Josh Reynolds (‘13) remains in a coma in a Denver hospital after wedging his vehicle under a semi-trailer Friday afternoon at the State Farm Road and Highway 83 intersection.  According to his family, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding and broken bones.

Reynolds was on his way to work when he ran a red light, said his sister Tanya Robinson.  “School was a big part of his life,” she said. “He graduated from there and worked there.”

The family is asking for prayers and financial assistance through a GoFundMe  fundraiser. “We just want him to get better, but the reality of the [medical] bills will be astronomical,” said Robinson, the creator of the funding page. 

School was a big part of his life

— Tanya Robinson, older sister

So far, friends have donated $2,000. His sister said the recovery will likely be lengthy. 

Robinson said they’re hoping others reciprocate Josh’s empathy.  “This kid would give anything to anyone; he was the most giving person ever,” she said.

 “It’s hard to ask for money,” Robinson said. “Even if people would donate a dollar, it would really help.”  



Josh Reynolds passed away at a Denver hospital on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020.  His memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020 at 1 p.m. (Mountain Time).