Twirling flags and feelings

Color guard


Quincey Epley

Sydnee Miller practices her routine before her color guard try-out last Wednesday.

When watching marching band next year, you’ll only see one new face amongst the flags. After last Wednesday’s try-outs, 11 members made the team. Color guard is a team that visually represents the band’s songs.

Most people have something that they’re passionate about. It could be playing soccer, painting, or learning to play the saxophone. Even though sophomores Sadie Fries and Cheyenne Fourtner are passionate about color guard, other students view it as a joke.

“They [other students] think it’s [color guard] stupid and that it shouldn’t be a part of the band,” Fourtner said. Fries gets upset because of how much people put down her activity. “I don’t think they [other students] really recognize us,” Fries said. Fourtner said that it makes her mad because other students don’t understand what color guard is and what it means to the girls on the team.

Fries has been doing color guard for a year now. “I just wanted to try it,” she said. Fries loves being able to

Cheyenne Fourtner practicing her routine with a smile on her face.
Quincey Epley
Cheyenne Fourtner practicing her routine with a smile on her face.

meet new people and letting her creativity flow. A lot of progress has been made since she saw the color guard tryouts sign her freshman year. “I want to bring more school spirit into the school, being in color guard makes me feel better,” Fries said.

Fourtner tried out for color guard last year with a friend and hopes to continue until she graduates. Her favorite part is twirling the flag during marching season.

Despite the criticism from other students, the girls hope to have a good season next year. Fries hopes to build a strong team with dedicated people. Fourtner wants to see improvement. “It doesn’t matter what other people say about it, it just matters how you feel about it,” said Fourtner. “If you like something, you should go for it.”