The Bulldogger

Products such as tampons, pads, condoms, pregnancy tests, etc. are easily accessible at any local drug store or super-market. Birth control should be prescribed by your physician.

Insufficient sex-ed

The importance of sexual education in a classroom
Haley McKain, Co-Editor in Chief May 11, 2018

I started my first period sometime around third or fourth grade. This is really early compared to most girls, and ironically, it was the same day I had my first ever “sex-ed” class. I was horrified,...

Date Rape

Brett Folk, Staff Writer November 6, 2015

“Most sexual assaults in America are committed by an acquaintance or date,” said Rape and Domestic Abuse educator Kim Patch.   Patch also said, “The most common form of rape in 2015 so far, is...

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