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At Christmas times, we are asked to believe in some crazy things, but I refuse to believe that Hallmark movie plots are good.

My Hatred for Hallmark

Joe Stone, Staff Writer December 8, 2020

I genuinely hate Hallmark Christmas movies. There are dozens of reasons why these movies are awful in my opinion. To prove my point, I recently watched Hallmark's movie “Christmas in Love.”  No surprise,...

Junior Aleecia Pace cuts out hearts for the end of the week, Hug-a-Heart. “I enjoyed getting to deliver all the goodies throughout the week and actually see the goodness and kindness that can flood through the halls at school,” said Pace.

“Oh baby you should go & love yourself”

NPHS students get together to celebrate you
Sophia Chingren, News Editor February 22, 2019

Whether you spent Valentine’s Day with your significant other or decided to stay home and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, North Platte High School’s Hug-a-Heart took a twist this year and was...

Love Stinks 2: The Heart Will Go On...

Love Stinks 2: The “Heart Will Go On…”

Even more outlandish love songs
Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist January 25, 2019

Just like the concept of love, these songs will never die. They will just find another way to go on. Ever since the first “Love Stinks” article published in the February issue of "The Bulldogger,"...

Farewell North Platte High

Farewell North Platte High

Bryce Lee, Co-Editor in Chief May 11, 2018

Unfortunately, I only have three days left as a high schooler. Yeah, I know I said it, unfortunately. Never in all my 18 years would I have guessed I would be saying this, but I’m going to miss North...

Senior to Senior: Love Edition

Senior to Senior: Love Edition

Princess Saguban, News Editor February 16, 2018

In high school, many are lucky to find the love of their life at a young age. Unlike these couples, being in a relationship is more than just dating each other. They see a future together that not a lot...

Jakob Fisher dressed for his love story article. It was around 8 p.m. and he was dressed like that the whole day.  I felt like a hipster all day so, I told people I joined a gang to make myself feel better, said Fisher

Love stinks

Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist February 14, 2018

It is that time year again and love is in the air. You might want to hold your breath for these ones though.   For your entertainment, I have gathered 12 love songs with something a little off...

Amar Bajroic and Nebraska-native Hannah Huebner posed for a picture during their fall break trip though the states of Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Distance, love, and sacrifice

Sophia Chingren, News Editor February 14, 2018

Four years of FaceTime, Skype calls, a seven hour time difference, and 4,584 miles in between hasn't stopped Hannah Huebner and boyfriend Amar Bajroic from being happy and in love. "I didn't see it...

An innocent and experienced look at the world

“[The world] changes everyday but when you stop and think about what it was like when we were kids.. There’s no comparison,” Centennial Park Retirement Village resident Bob Venezie said. No matter...

Nothing for Granted

Nothing for Granted

Phoenix VanCura, Staff Writer November 4, 2016

Hearing that someone you know or love has been diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking. You hope that they’ll get better and their sickness won’t take the best of them. But what about the people who...

Holiday season gift-giving guide

Holiday season gift-giving guide

Syble Heffernan , Editor in Chief December 4, 2015

With two days remaining until Hanukkah, 22 until Kwanzaa, and 21 until Christmas Day, this year’s holiday season is in full swing.  Lights are lining the buildings and neighborhoods, Christmas songs...

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