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Senior Mia Dugan writes life lessons to her younger self.

Dear Mini-Mia

Lessons for the little girl I once was
Mia Dugan, Staff Writer April 8, 2020

When I was younger, 2020 seemed like an imaginary year. So far away that the present could never reach. My 7-year-old self, playing with Barbies in her pink and purple room, pictured this 18-year-old to...

Stolen senior year: how COVID-19 wiped out rites of passage.

Stolen senior year

Covid-19 pandemic wipes out rites of passage
Priscila Mondragõn, Managing Editor March 20, 2020

The class of 2020 has been waiting 13 years to walk across the graduation stage. Yet, the COVID-19 virus threatens to steal that moment from seniors worldwide.  Last night, North Platte Public Schools...

A story encapsulating all the need-to-know information to keep you informed on this worldwide issue.

What is Covid-19?

Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer March 19, 2020

Lincoln County joined the world Wednesday when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed.  This information comes amid massive social distancing shut-downs around the world and in North Platte, Neb.  Covid-19...

An info-graphic based story that gives you an outline of how the coronavirus is effecting your community and the world.

Coronavirus facts

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief March 19, 2020

A list of different restaurants that deliver, movies and shows to watch, songs to listen to, and a few Instagram accounts that can help lift your spirits.

Things to do in quarantine

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief March 19, 2020

With the COVID-19 virus knocking at our doors being stuck in your house all day can be boring and sometimes lonely, so what can you do to stay entertained and happy? Here are just a few options to help...

How the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has affected North Platte High School and its senior athletes.

Senior Soccer Season Shutdown

Clay Stone, Managing Editor March 19, 2020

“It makes me sad,” said senior Rachel Hatch, “knowing that I might have played my last soccer game without knowing it.” On March 16, the NSAA announced that school sports would come to an immediate...

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