The Bulldogger

Bulldogs win first home game

The Bulldog's Varsity Football team runs onto the field to kick off the game.

Natalie Haines, Correspondent

September 5, 2020

  The North Platte Bulldogs faced off with the Fremont Tigers on Friday. It was a battle of wits, a battle of muscle, and a battle to remember. The whole night, the Tigers and the Bulldogs fought for the upper hand. The Bulldogs claimed the first touchdown, and were answered by a 98-yard r...

Puzzled Presents

Anam Vaziri, Editor-in-Chief

December 20, 2018

If you're still in the talking phase... Sophomore Caedmon Hoaglund: What do you think is the appropriate spending amount? "$50." What did you get her? "A coffee mug, socks, and a sweater." Sophomore Hallie Sexson: What do you think is the appropriate spending amount? "$45." What did you get him? "An American Eagle shirt, candy, and ...

It’s just a prank, bro…

Zurn, Hipwell, McIntosh, and Mercer posing for a picture while sitting in the new room arrangement.

Jon Brouillette, Layout, Business Editor

November 30, 2018

I walked into my room and what I saw made me drop my bags to the floor. Nothing was the way it should be; my whole room was completely rearranged to madness. A couple of weeks ago, my friends put me, and my paranoia to the test. It all started on a Saturday morning after a sleepover. I had left my...

The benchwarmers

Junior Taylor Chitty puts her arm around teammate Josie Freeze during their home tournament on September 15, 2018. The team ended up taking first on their own dirt. Photo by Sophia Chingren.

Sophia Chingren, News Editor

September 28, 2018

Whether you’ve watched the movie “The Benchwarmers” and laughed your way through it, or you’ve actually been in Clark and Richie’s shoes, we’ve all heard the expression “benchwarmer” before. But what’s it like to be someone who doesn’t get playing time, and what’s the coach thinking...

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