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Haley McKain 2018

Co-Editor in Chief

A little bit about me

I cry all the time. Not always in a bad way or anything, but when I’m mad, sad, and especially when I’m laughing really hard, I just cry. 😂 I’m also like, really funny. (See, that’s a joke.) But for the real, I have been writing for The Bulldogger for three years now. I started my sophomore year as a staff writer, and now I’m a senior and the Co-Editor in Chief.

My favorite memory

My favorite memories from newspaper all happened my first year in the class. When I first joined, I was pretty awkward and was constantly seeking the approval of my peers and Lori (my advisor). But, it was so inspiring to see how everyone else in that class never limited themselves. Riley and Ethan were absolute goons, and Tiffany always stood up for herself and what she believed in, and Syble was so incredibly kind. They never once made me or anyone else feel like we didn’t belong right here in the newsroom. A few of my other memories include qualifying and placing at State twice, and every time we had a journalism conference, we all left with some amazing stories to tell.

The best show on Netflix right now?

Well, I am and always will be a sucker for Gilmore Girls. Rory Gilmore’s life is oddly similar to mine and I’m here for that.

Future plans

After graduation, I plan on attending the University of Wyoming to study education. I want to become an English and journalism teacher. (Lori, I’m coming for your job.) I also really want to major in American Sign Language (ASL) and teach at a school for the Deaf.


Awards I’ve won while in newspaper:

  • 2015/16 NSAA State Journalism in In-Depth Writing

  • 2017/17 NSAA State Journalism in In-Depth Writing

  • 2017 NHSPA Cornhusker Award

Haley McKain, Co-Editor in Chief

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