Gay-Straight Alliance meets at NPHS

The North Platte High School’s GSA met for their first meeting of the year.

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief

Inclusiveness is the goal for the North Platte High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

After school on Tuesday, the high school’s GSA met in the library for the first time this year. 

The club hopes to host events throughout the year that not only serve the LGBTQ+ community but that raise awareness around NPHS. “I’d love to have an event each month,” said GSA sponsor Sky Seery, “something that recognizes the LGBTQ community, our students and really keeps our club in the back of everyone’s mind.” 

An inclusive environment is so important.”

— Sky Seery

Some of these events could include but are not limited to a pride week in the spring, and a solidarity week, which is an event that helps students and faculty learn how to be good allies for their peers and students. 

GSA sponsor Sky Seery prepares to hand out masks and snacks to the club members. (Sophia Walsh )

The GSA is a club that is focused on bringing LGBTQ+ youth and their straight allies together to create a supportive environment within NPHS. This is the club’s third year in operation which means they’re looking to make their presence at NPHS known. “We really need to show the school that we’re here, we belong, and we aren’t going anywhere,” said Seery. “An inclusive environment is so important.”