Didn’t get to say goodbye? Here’s your chance

The North Platte Bulldogger invites you to join our tradition of writing a senior goodbye essay.


Evan Perlinger



Hey Seniors, 


Our high school experience as we know it is over. Sometime this summer we’ll have a graduation ceremony, but PROM, senior sports seasons, your last classes of high school– are gone. That’s a big deal.


The North Platte Bulldogger student newspaper invites you to write what you feel like saying to close this chapter, to say goodbye to high school and all the things that go with it. This is also an opportunity for your family, friends, and the community to see what our class is like, so don’t just ignore this! Try and see if you can write one!


We don’t want to put too many rules on this, but the main thing is to keep it appropriate, what you say reflects the kind of person you are. Don’t end high school saying something you’ll regret later. If your goodbye is insensitive or crass The Bulldogger reserves the right to censor it or not publish it, but we really don’t want to have to do that, so just keep it clean.

Email with your personal essay (a Google doc is fine too) to us. We will add it to our online news site and post your senior photo. If you have other photos you want to include, make sure you attach those as well. Every few days, we will push these senior good-bye stories on our Facebook page, school email and Twitter.

 Here are some ideas of what to put in this. Click the links below to see ours or go to NPBulldogger.com to read some of the other goodbyes.


  • What was your favorite memory of high school?
  • Who helped you the most during high school?
  • What are you really going to miss?
  • What are you not going to miss?
  • How did you change during the four years?
  • What do you look forward to in the future?
  • What lessons did you learn during high school?
  • Do you want to share anything with current students?
  • What do you wish you would have done but didn’t in high school?
  • What do you regret about high school?

We look forward to hearing from you!


Anam Vaziri (‘20), Editor in Chief

Clay Stone (‘20), Managing Editor

Gracia Lantis (‘20), Social Media Editor