Teacher of the month February


Nathenial Crow, Arts & Entertainment Editor



Tyson Hammond

What is the worst thing that you eat at a party

“I’m not a fan of guacamole so I probably ate something with it.” 


What is a topic of the most unusual conversation you had?

“Talking to 9th graders.”


Have you ever texted the wrong number and what was the outcome?

“I’ve definitely texted the wrong number and the outcome is usually who is this?”


What would be a boring job to you in the world?

“I think anything with sitting at a desk and working  at a computer screen I have a hard time sitting still that long.”


What is one thing that is possible to do today that is not possible 20 years ago?

“20 years ago I could not get to the internet on my phone.”


What is one thing that you eat for breakfast that is not?

“Leftover pizza.”