Iran bombing sparks draft fear

Bombings between Iran and the United States gives false ideas of draft

Aspen Nelson, Sports Editor

Aspen Nelson
Pictures of marines that have enlisted hang on Sgt. Joshua Rossetti’s wall. They are from North Platte and surrounding areas in Nebraska.

The United States Air Force dropped multiple bombs in Iraq and Syria on Dec. 27. The airstrike killed the Iranian commander, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. Many teens think the attacks could cause WWIII, and that there could be a draft. However, there are 1.3 million soldiers on active duty and 800,000 reserves currently in the U.S. military. With the strong US military and our powerful country, I believe that a draft is very unlikely.

In the last century, there has been a draft for WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. In all of these wars, there were not enough volunteers and millions of people were included in the draft. In the current armed forces, the U.S. has around 2 million people enlisted. With these Irani attacks not being an actual war, the military is powerful enough, and I believe a draft is unnecessary.

Since the Vietnam draft, the United States military is an all-volunteer force. Sgt. Timothy Smithers of the Marine Corps was given a statement from higher headquarters stating, “In the speculation of an escalating tensions in the Middle East, the United States Marine Corps remains globally engaged with allies and partners. It remains our nation’s naval expedition to have force and readiness. Our mission has not changed and our Marine recruiters are still seeking talented men and women.” The attacks are keeping our armed forces engaged, but it is stated that there will not be any change at the time. 

Our mission has not changed and our Marine recruiters are still seeking talented men and women.”

— Sgt. Timothy Smithers

I talked with a Vietnam Vet from North Platte, who asked to stay anonymous. He believes that there  should be a draft. If we were to enter war, he feels there is not enough military to fight over in Iraq today, and people are continually taken from the state militia like the Nebraska Guard. They are being taken multiple times over to fight. During the days of the US military draft, like Vietnam, people would be taken once, but could opt to stay. The 73-year-old vet believes that this tradition should continue. I agree that people should not be pulled from the National Guard to fight multiple times. A draft could be a way to put a stop to this. In the event of the recent Irani attacks, Sgt. Smithers has stated that there will not be a change and that gives me the impression that there will not be a draft.

Aspen Nelson
Sgt. Joshua Rossetti is the Marine recruiter in North Platte. “This is solely my opinion and does not in anyway include the Marine Corps. I don’t believe there will be a draft,” said Sgt. Rossetti. He thinks that the quality of life today does not support a draft.

Military conscription is the mandatory enlistment in a country’s armed forces. He thinks military conscription of two years should be mandatory in the United States for young men. These two years would be served before college, and in his opinion, would help younger boys mature before entering the rest of their lives. Currently in the United States, selective service registration is mandatory for all males at age 18. This ensures a fair and equitable draft for men, if a draft were to be used again.

Students have also thought that this was a “war” with Iran. President Donald Trump stated in an interview with “The New York Times” that the airstrike was ordered “to stop a war” and prevent attacks on Americans. With this being said, it is my opinion that we are not at war with anyone. Iran has also made threats towards the United States. I believe the U.S. military is more powerful, and are not threatened by other countries. I do not believe there will need to be a draft to control these attacks.