Diplomas in December

60 NPHS seniors are graduating at semester

Aspen Nelson, Sports Editor

North Platte High School’s halls will be less crowded come January because 60 seniors will be graduating at semester. The students’ last day of school will be Dec. 19. 

Senior Ashlynn Durfee is taking the opportunity to graduate at semester to start college classes in January. “I am going to get my generals for nursing,” said Durfee. “I am just ready to be done with high school and start the next chapter of my life.”

I am just ready to be done with high school and start the next chapter of my life.”

— Ashlynn Durfee

Durfee says there are pros and cons to graduating at semester. “There’s disadvantages because I miss out on the last part of my senior year but advantages would be starting early on life,” she said.

Senior Kennedy Pucket is also graduating at semester to get a head start on college. Pucket wants to become an elementary school teacher and also get a sign language degree. “I will be moving to Tennessee in May, and I am just hoping to get my associate’s degree before I get there,” she said.

Senior Justin Gardner is going to work full time to save up for college. Gardner wants to go into computer sciences. “I want to be prepared and have all of my assets ready [for college],” said Gardner.

Senior Taylor Chitty is also planning to graduate early to work full time. “I want to make money for college,” said Chitty. “I want to go into dental hygiene.” 

For Chitty, the only disadvantage is missing out on the rest of her senior year. Chitty also said the people around her have influenced her decision to leave school. “I am just ready to get around new people,” she said. 

Counselor Susan Horne said that students have to complete 245 credits, pass the required classes, and go through the application process to be considered for early graduation.  “It’s not a difficult process or a long process,” said Horne. “It’s just some paperwork that we make sure they take care of.”

Graduating at semester may be an advantage to some students, but there are limitations to the activities they can participate in. “”Early grads are allowed to come to prom, senior awards night, and the graduation ceremonies,” said Horne. “They are not allowed to go to the other dances.”

Graduating early comes with a lot of choices for these students. “Some people are definitely ready to work more, some are absolutely ready to take off into college, and some kids are just done with school,” Horne said. 

Horne said, “I think early graduation is definitely up to the individual, and each individual student should be able to look at it and examine it to see if it is right for them or not.”