Response to: Chrissy

I’ve just been really stressed out with school.

Dear Chrissy,

Sophomore year sucks. Here are a few helpful tips to curb some of your stress:

1.) Find an outlet that relaxes you. It could be going to the gym, driving around, listening to music, baking, etc. Find what works for you and use it as a safe place.

2.) If school is stressing you out, talk to a teacher that you trust. Most teachers at the high school are really understanding if you explain to them what you’re going through and that you want help.

3.) Plan out your week and figure out what you need to have done every day. Checklists are super helpful too. Set goals, and push yourself to meet them, and work won’t pile up as much.

4.) Find something fun to do every day. It sounds counterproductive, but if you give yourself time to do stuff that you enjoy, you’ll be more motivated to get your work done, and not feel as down in the dumps all the time. Life is easier when you’re enjoying yourself.