Parking Problems

The controvery over some NPHS students taking up multiple spots.


Aspen Nelson

A student car takes up multiple spaces in North Platte High School's parking lot on Nov. 13. The parking trend started last year but has gained attention over the last week.

There are less parking spots available for North Platte High School students because a few have decided to take up multiple spots by parking sideways in the slots.

Aspen Nelson
The slanted and sideways parking done by students at North Platte High School has been happening for over a year but has gained attention again in the last week. A student truck takes up multiple spots in the back of the North Platte High School parking lot.

Senior Chance Donohoe is one of the students who started to park like this, and it was because he was running late one day. “It started not as a big deal,” said Donohoe.

When it became a problem, Donohoe just wanted to make a stand. “It’s the fact that I’m not standing up for anything but myself,” he said. “I was standing up for something other people don’t like.” 

As he didn’t see it as a big deal, some other students at NPHS did. “They said it was disrespectful to them how I park,” Donohoe said.

They said it was disrespectful to them how I park. ”

— Senior Chance Donohoe

Senior Makayla Harwager said it was just supposed to be a joke. “Some people got upset about it, so everyone started doing it,” said Harwager. 

Harwager thinks that the reactions people are having are petty. “Nobody is getting mad at really everyone; everyone is more  [upset] about just one person doing it,” she said. 

She thinks that people just need to mind their own business. “If you don’t park back there, it won’t bother you,” said Harwager. 

Aspen Nelson
A student truck was taking up multiple spots in the North Platte High School parking lot. The parking trend has been seeking attention this last week but has been going on since last year.

Junior Jarison Huntsman is taking a stand against it. “It’s ridiculous; it’s immature,” he said. “They’re doing it for attention.”

Huntsman says it’s causing problems because it’s not acceptable. “They were just doing it, and we said something about it,” Huntsman said. 

Huntsman does think the way they are parking is disrespectful. “There are other people that own vehicles that could be parking in those spots,” said Huntsman.