NPHS student is elected State Student Council President

Aspen Nelson, Sports Editor

Hallie Sexson
Hallie Sexson holds up her three foot gavel she received after being elected state student council president.

When junior Hallie Sexson walked up on the stage to recieve her gavel, it was a dream come true.

On Oct. 18, Sexson was elected state president of student council at the state convention in Norfolk, Neb. 

The process for Sexson wasn’t easy. “In order to become president she had to fill out a very lengthy application, she had to write an essay, she had have a letter of recommendation from me,” said NPHS student council sponsor Ashley Werkmeister


Hallie Sexson
Hallie Sexson sits with the other candidates on the day of the election.

In her new role as president, Sexson is given a list of duties to fulfill. “Being student council president you are in charge of all of the student councils in the state,” said Sexson. “I’m making it my job to hold all student councils accountable and make sure they are raising money for our state foundation, which is Make-A-Wish.”

Since Sexson has been involved with student council, it has been a dream of hers to become the state student council president.  “I remember I was a little freshman watching those people give their speeches and just thinking ‘oh my gosh, I wanna do that,’” she said.

Hallie Sexson and Ashley Werkmeister pose with the gavel after Sexson was elected state student council president.

Winning the presidency was a dream come true for Sexson. “I remember standing up and I was like ‘oh my gosh, I just won,'” Sexson said. 

Werkmeister says Sexson has a really successful future ahead of her as state president. “I know that she has the ability to reach people not on a business level but she hits emotions,” said Werkmeister.

“She worked really hard to get here,” said Werkmeister. “If she can do what she wants to do, she’s going to do really great things.”