Ayres takes the reigns


Brett Folk, Staff Writer

“I feel like Mr. Ayres changed a little bit, but is making a difference, a BIG difference!” said senior Kijana Owens. “I think that him allowing backpacks and breakfast till 8:30 is great,” he said. James Ayres, previously known as an assistant principal for the past 10 years, is now the head principal at North Platte High. “It is exciting because it has different challenges. But it’s also nice because I know the students, faculty, and school,” said Ayres.

One of the changes he has made is being more lenient with backpacks. “Backpacks are more tolerable, it’s under teacher discretion. Teachers just need a designated areas for the bags,” said Ayres. “Another change we have made this year is the removal of M/A period. The faculty discussed the issue, and the majority agreed for the removal of that certain period,” he said. “A lot of the changes are Dr. Hanson’s vision, and what he sees the high school being.”

Ayers said it’s different for him now after doing his other job for 10 years. “I’m now in the place where I have to change out of that position, and have people do those duties for me.”