Superintendent by day…Batman by night

Brett Folk, Staff Writer

Dr. Ron Hanson plans his vision for North Platte Public Schools
Gracen Morgan
Dr. Ron Hanson plans his vision for North Platte Public Schools

Does North Platte Public Schools have a new superhero? If you’re in Dr. Ron Hanson’s new office you will be struck by a wall of awards, degrees and accomplishments showcasing the wealth of experience and education he brings to the district. Formally known as the assistant superintendent at Papillion- La Vista School District, he is now the head superintendent for NPPSD.

Everyone has a superhero, and Batman is Dr. Ron Hanson’s. “Batman is a superhero whose purpose is to do what is good for the community. He does not possess any superpowers, he makes use of his genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts, detective skills, science, and technology to accomplish his goal,” said Hanson. Eisenhower Elementary teacher Angie Ayers thinks he’s leading the schools in the right direction. “Dr. Hanson is very positive, he is involved in the community and schools.”

Hanson received his doctorate from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is a published author. His work can be found in Learning Forward, a magazine that focuses on educational leadership. Hanson’s work has led his previous schools to achieve a graduation rate of 96.14 in class “A” districts. “NPHS’s graduation rate is in the 88%-89% range, I would like to see us in 90% range,” he said. “North Platte has all the same ingredients Papillion does.” For five consecutive years, he worked to improve student achievement, impacting over 50,000 students.

One of the first things the superintendent did was pull together a student advisory team at NPHS. The team consists of high school students from a wide variety of clubs. The council meets every month to discuss school issues. “The Superintendent Student Advisory Council provides input on ways to improve communications with students and to obtain input on school system initiatives and effectiveness,” said Hanson.

At the September meeting, the team talked about a wide variety of topics, including the tardy cart, the removal of the mentor advisory period, and the length of class periods. Hanson also informed the students about upcoming conferences that he would like them to attend. Senior Allison Kuenle said she feels honored to have been chosen to be a part of this new program. “Dr. Ron Hanson is a great superintendent, and I’m glad I get to know him better before I graduate,” she said.

“Our goal is to focus on what matters most and work collaboratively to take NPPSD from good to GREAT,” said Hanson.