Run from Area 51

NPHS' opinion on September 20th's alien raid.


Jakob Fisher Editorial Cartoonist

Drawing of a pictured alien in a disguise hitchhiking close to Area 51.

Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer

“This is going to sound really weird but I would like date it or something,” senior Jes Crankshaw said would be her plan if she found an alien.

The Area 51 Raid had been striking controversy in the social light since around June 27, 2019 and took place September 20, 2019. Area 51 is a top secret air force base located at Groom Lake in Nevada. Some people have theorized that our government is hiding aliens there. 

“It’s kind of like a big show. It’s not really going to happen, but if it does happen it would be pretty interesting,” junior Caleb Miller said. The raid was seen as a big deal and a lot of people were talking about it, but most of them just talked about the memes on Facebook because that is how it started. 

This raid was considered highly dangerous because our government had threatened raiders that they would use force to stop them, but people were still planning on going. They didn’t have much of a plan. “Well you have to practice your Naruto run obviously and maybe collaborate with some friends so you have a plan,” Sasha Welch said would be her plan. At least she had a plan because some people haven’t thought it through.

Plans aside, joking is one thing but actually being serious and going is a whole new world. “I think that someone just made it as a joke and it got super serious for no reason,” junior Tristan Salem said. Most of the public know the raid for its memes, others didn’t want to go because of another reason. “I don’t have the money for that… I’m broke,” junior Kaitlyn Hostson said.

One of the reasons for the public to raid Area 51 is to find out if the conspiracy theories surrounding it are true. “It started out as a testing weapons thing and… now it’s just turned into this big joke thing about aliens,” Hoatson said. The original use for the air force base was to test new weapons and aircraft in World War ll. UFO sightings were big during WWll but it turns out that it was just a fancy new airplane during its test flight.

There are many conspiracy theories that surround Area 51 but the one most talked about is aliens. Senior Carlye Stoppkotte agrees, “I honestly kind of believe that there possibly might be aliens…Not necessarily in Area 51 but, as vast as our universe is do you really expect us to be alone?”

If they actually found aliens some people had been thinking on how it would go and what they would do with theirs. Names were one of the many things on people’s mind because if you want an alien it should have a name. “I would name it Roger or something normal so he can blend in.” Welch said. 

The bigger question is what would you do with your named alien. “I’m gonna make it do my chores,” junior Abby Fletcher said. Some people would try to steal an alien if they found one. Junior Bri Ady said,”I’d probably keep it as a pet.”  Let’s just hope that no one actually sets an alien free and cause the World War of aliens.

Unfortunately we won’t know as the X-Files puts it, if “the truth is out there.” Unless those Naruto runners ended up being successful.