The lows and highs of freshman size

Clay Stone
Freshmen Daniel Shea and Kole Weigel though only six months apart share a 16 inch height difference. “I’m used to people judging me for my height,” said Weigel. “I just don’t let it get to me.”

Q&A with Kole

Do you hear people say mean things about how short you are?

“People don’t really insult me about my height anymore and if they do, it doesn’t get to me. Back in elementary school that stuff always used to get me, but now I’m used to it.”

“People don’t really say positive things about my height.”

Have you always been the same height?

“This summer I finally grew two inches, and I was so used to being the same height.”

“Everyone thinks that I’m way younger than I am, but I’m just not tall.”

Do people judge you because you’re shorter?

“Everyone always stares at me in wrestling and asks me how short I am. I think it just makes me push myself even more.”

Do you feel like your height makes you work harder?

“I feel pressure to be good at sports because I have to do so much more. Like in running track I have to take way more steps.”

Do you think your height gives you advantages in any sports?

“Maybe in soccer and wrestling being short helps, because I’m quick but that’s about it.”

“People pretty much use me an armrest,” said freshman Kole Weigel. Weigel is 14 years old and stands at only 5’1″.

Q&A with Daniel

What’s nice about your height?

“I can reach things and see over people. When I’m walking through the halls, I realize I can’t go one way, so I just go the other way.”

Do people judge you for your height?

“Oh yeah, all the time, people say ‘Oh, you play basketball?’ or ‘You athletic?’”

“People kind of see me for my height until they get to know me.”

Do random people ask you about your height?

“The second day, everyone in the halls would come up to me and ask me how tall I was and what sports I play.”

Did your growth spurt make you want to play sports more?

“I wasn’t the tallest. I used to be even with everybody until sixth grade and then I hit a major growth spurt, but I just kept playing sports, the same as usual.”

Did/does your height give you advantages in sports?

“I don’t think I really even noticed at the time, I just got taller and decided I was just going to keep playing. But then the next season, it definitely helped a lot.”

“I’ve always played sports, ever since I was young. If I didn’t play sports I don’t know what I’d do,” said freshman Daniel Shea. Shea, also 14 years old, towers over the majority of his classmates at 6’5″.