Soccer Siblings


This soccer season, both girls and boys soccer teams have their fair share of sibling duos. One of the most significant, senior Karsyn Buttler and her sister, freshman Graesyn Buttler, are one of the examples.

Karsyn Buttler actually convinced her sister to play soccer this season with her. “I told her that I knew that she was really good at track, but I wanted her to do soccer so we could do this thing together,” she said. Graesyn Buttler is happy she made that choice. “I agreed with her, I thought it would be really fun and different,” she said.

Karsyn Buttler thinks being on the same team has improved her skill. “She’s definitely a lot better than I am, but I really love playing with her,” she said, “I think it pushes me because I want that playing time with her.” They both agree that it’s been fun to spend time with each other outside of their home. Karsyn Buttler said they have always been very opposite with their sports, and she’s happy to get this experience with her. I’m graduating this year and it’s the only year it’s going to happen,” she said.

Although they both love playing with each other, no siblings can get along all the time. “Sometimes she annoys me,” said Graesyn Buttler. Karsyn Buttler agrees. “I have to give her rides every day and she can get super annoying, and she’s always late,” she said. However, they both don’t think that this is due to soccer. “We still get annoyed by all the same stuff though, whether it’s about soccer or her taking my clothes,” Karsyn Buttler said.”If I’m getting annoyed in a game, it’s going to be at the other team.”

Junior Emily Evans and sophomore Kaitlyn Evans stretch during warm-ups at practice.
Senior Karsyn Buttler and Haneborg battle for a ball at practice.
Freshman Graesyn Buttler and junior Callie Haneborg are doing a one-on-one drill at practice.

Overall, this was a decision they’re both glad that they made. “I think our relationship as sisters is rare in which we get along really well,” said Karsyn Butter. Both sisters are very protective over each other. “I was really excited to be on the same team as her,” said Karsyn Buttler, “I really wanted us to be able to do something together my senior year.”