Golf Timers


Coach Jim Orcutt gives sophomore Bailey Steele advice during a meet.

Have you ever been able to teach someone how to do something that you love? That’s what Coach Jim Orcutt has been doing for 35 years.

Orcutt started playing when he was 8 years old and he’s played on his high school team and he qualified for his college team but he did not play in college because of the science labs that he did but has always enjoyed it.

In that time he has learned a lot throughout all his years of playing and teaching but one of the things that he has learned is that you don’t need the perfect swing to do well “They can be helped to score a little bit better by managing the course a little bit better” and what he does is  “work within a players capabilities to make them the best they can, with what they come to golf practice with.”

Orcutt has been teaching and coaching considerably longer than what is needed to retire, all because he loves the sport but most importantly he loves the interaction with the kids and the other coaches. “It’s a good comradery with the other coaches from the other schools” he said. Orcutt is retiring this year as a teacher and a coach. He has to wait 180 days before he can come back. That is if the school decides to let him come back as an assistant coach after his 180 day wait period. Orcutt is heartbroken because he might not be able to coach golf next year but“I will be their best spectator,” he said.