NPHS’s poetry club wins third place at state

Johnnie Berg, Staff Writer

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Junior Anam Vaziri is one of the seven current members a part of North Platte High School’s poetry club.  The club, established only two years ago, recently went to state, where they placed third overall!     

“It felt really good to see how hard we all worked and all of us being able to display all of the work we put in,” she said on the feeling of competition that they all felt on April 15th.   

The club founded during Vaziri’s freshmen year, “One of my sister’s friends started the club my freshman year, and I decided to go to a meeting just for fun, and ended up really liking it.”  

Every major team has a very humble beginning, and this group is no exception. “We practice at my house when we’re performing our poems, and we have weekly meetings at the Espresso Shop also.” The group had two preliminary rounds, one in Gothenburg and the other in Lincoln.    

“We have competitions in April where we perform slam poetry that we write ourselves. These poems can be written about anything of our choosing, and depending on scoring you can advance to semifinals and finals. The semi-finals were in Omaha. This is the competition where the poetry club received third.    

Overall, Vaziri was. and still is, overjoyed about the club’s performance as a whole, “We all did the best that we could.”

Jayden Fowler
The group meets together at the Espresso Shop to share and discuss their work.

Jayden Fowler
NPHS poetry club meets at Anam Vaziri’s (top, second from the left) house to practice performing.