The Hidden World, hidden no more

"How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" satisfies trilogy end


Morgan Fischer

Reviewer Mac Hardy poses in front the "How to Train your Dragon: Hidden World" movie poster.

The newest “How to Train your Dragon” is an absolutely amazing final movie for the series. The story is great. Hiccup the new Chief of the Isle of Berk and Toothless, the alpha dragon, are stronger than ever before, but all the sudden another night fury, referred to as a light fury, appears and things start to go wrong.

The jokes in the movie were goofy and obviously, a couple innuendos but that is to be expected for most Dreamworks movies. It is by far the saddest movie in the trilogy.
The characters have grown up, but it feels like the characters have grown up with the viewers. For the ones who watched the first film, which came out almost a decade ago. It feels like they made “The Hidden World” for the kids who saw the first movie when it came out. That’s not to say that younger kids can’t watch the movie; it just might not mean as much to them as it would to someone who grew up with the movies coming out.

The animation is done extremely well and looks realistic but still has a cartoon-like feel to it. The attention to detail is so minute you can see the individual hairs on the character’s heads. The color in the new movie seems more vibrant, too. The motion capture, also known as “mo-cap”was done well. The movement of the characters was realistic. The soundtrack was fun to listen to and inspired a lot of nostalgia, bringing back tracks from the original movie. It sounded like the original but with a contemporary twist.

One major problem with this movie is the villain. There really isn’t a reason that he is there besides plot. They make him seem like he’s a bigger problem than he actually is and try to make him seem really smart but honestly, I think that my 4-year-old brother could devise a better plan than he could. His presence wasn’t very memorable and he was more annoying than scary even though they tried to play him off as some scary dude.

All in all, it was a great movie with a fantastic story with beautiful animation, the only problem being that the villain seemed like it was lazily written. I’m sad that there won’t be any more movies to look forward to. It was a great series and had a satisfying end.