New year, new-trition

Morgan Fischer, Social Media Editor and Advertising Editor

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If you’re having any regrets about all the carb-loaded, sugary foods you may have consumed this holiday season, you’re not alone.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the average weight for U.S. citizens increases 4 percent during the winter months. That weight, for the typical middle-aged American, takes up to five months to eliminate. The word “diet” originates from the Greek language translates to way of life, meaning that if you want to change your food and exercise habits, it’s necessary to stay dedicated.

Of the millions of people who set out resolutions for themselves in January, only 47 percent follow through and meet their goal. “Health and fitness” occupy the highest percentage of resolutions at 74 percent, “saving more money” being a far second at 37 percent.

Enzo Athletic Performance nutritionist and trainer Kayla Jensen, takes a specialized approach to healthy eating in regards to fitness. “When someone comes in, they tell me what their [diet] history is, and I build a program that’s going to fit them,” she said.

Jensen also warns about the dangers of yo-yo dieting and eating junk food after workouts,” [those people] are the ones who are not going to see any results,” she said.

Jensen believes that this year people will begin to understand that extreme fad diets are not the solution to healthy living. “2019 will be the year that people will learn that it’s okay to just eat healthy, and that’s enough to see results,” she said.


Sophomore Hannah Matuszczak:

Do you have any 2019 fitness goals?

“I have a goal to run 14 to 15 miles and lift a certain amount of weight every week.”

How have you improved your nutrition habits this year?

“I want to not eat a lot of candy, I eat a lot of meats, fruits, and vegetables. My sugar intake is more natural.”

Senior Joey Larson:

Do you have any 2019 fitness goals?

“I work out 2 to 3 times a day. I do squatting and bench pressing.”

How have you improved your nutrition habits this year?

“I stay off fast food. I haven’t eaten fast food in almost two years.”






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