A white(head) Christmas

The causes of teen acne and what to do about it

Jon Brouillette, Layout, Business Editor

This is the month for treats, but the gift you don’t want this December is more zits! North Platte Dermatologist Daniel Mosel says chocolate, candy canes, and sugar don’t cause acne.

Your food choice shouldn’t affect your acne according to Mosel, “Hormones cause acne.” However there are small scale studies that say otherwise. “Recent studies do suggest dairy and high glycemic foods can affect acne,” said Mosel.

Physical sports can often affect acne levels. “If you are sweating more, you are going to get more build up and dirt on your skin,” said Mosel.

Many people use makeup to cover up unwanted blemishes, but often times it can be the cause of acne. “We do recommend oil-free makeups,” says Mosel.

Mosel says not to follow in the footsteps of viral pimple-popping videos online, “This can lead to bacterial infection,” Mosel said. “It may also lead to permanent scarring and an increase in the size and number of pimples.”

“Any level of acne is welcome,” says Mosel. “Acne can affect self esteem, if acne is causing scars definitely see a dermatologist.”