Lashley Legacy


Clay Stone, Managing Editor

For the last six years, North Platte girl’s golf has had a familiar name near the top of the ranks. Lashley. It started with the serious, and competitive oldest sister Morgan. Three-time State qualifier, two-time medalist, and North Platte Telegraph Golfer of the Year, she set the bar high for her sisters who would end up following her lead by joining the golf team. “I couldn’t really compete with Morgan because she was a lot better than me, but she always pushed me and encouraged me.” said junior Maggie Lashley.

Maggie, who is the middle of the three solid sister golfers, made State with the team her freshman year, and has proceeded to qualify the next two years as an individual. She contributes a lot of her growing talent to getting to play with her older sister. “My sister Morgan was a big role model for me, and was always so optimistic. I’ve always wanted to be as good a golfer as she was,” Maggie said. For two years straight, Maggie has placed 8th at the district meet to qualify herself to compete in the State tournament, the most recent accomplishment for her and the team was placing runner-up at the State championship in Norfolk. “It felt like all of our hard work had paid off, and we were really happy that [Coach Jim Orcutt] could be a part of it before he left,” Maggie said.

But the familial phenomenon did not end with Maggie. The year after Morgan’s graduation, Maggie was presented with another chance to play golf with her sister, but this time, it was sophomore Maya Lashley. “Maggie gives me a lot of competition and drive to get better,” said Maya. “We’ve been going back and forth between our places on the team.” Both Maya and Maggie shot State qualifying scores this year, and they both feel that having the amount of added pressure and push from a sister on the team has helped them soar to new heights in competition. “Maggie has been been working really hard and it gives me a lot of drive to see that she’s been jumping higher and higher every year,” Maya said.

The sisters don’t let their competition with each other get in the way of them hanging out together on golf trips though. “We always have so much fun together. We see each other at home but this gives us another way to bond, it’s fun to see her so often,” said Maya. “Maya and I have always had laughs, the bus rides are great, it makes it really fun to have her on the team,” Maggie said. So even when the challenges seem like a lot, these great girl golfers can always find a way to keep their head in the game, and support each other. “The best memory I have with my sisters in golf is just having them there. I can’t imagine not having my sisters on the golf team with me.” said Maggie.