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Before we had “The Avengers,” the most ambitious crossover was “The Rugrats Go Wild.” This was a crossover no one asked for about childhood shows, “Rugrats” and “The Wild Thornberrys.” Basically, the family in the Rugrats becomes stranded on an island that is supposedly deserted, but by a striking coincidence, “The Wild Thornberrys” are currently exploring the island. This movie is about as interesting as the sentence used to describe it. However, not much is expected from a kids movie but even for children this is dull. If you do get the chance to watch it, make sure you have absolutely nothing to do throughout the day because anything else could be way more interesting to watch. My rating is six ruined childhoods out of 10.

In 2008, “Speed Racer” drove from the small screen to the big screen in a live-action feature film. The plot focuses around Speed Racer, a young race car driver who turns down a chance to sell out in favor of being sponsored by his family and enters a race called The Crucible, the same race in which his older brother tragically died in a crash. Much like the last film, this one suffers from a boring plot, as well as too much storytelling; which is the exact opposite of how the original cartoon was. While cheesy, the cartoon focused mostly on the racing rather than having really any plot for that matter; the budget at the time was about two nickels and half a gumball so not much was expected. When this film actually does get into the racing it is engaging for the viewer, and the style of the film is designed to resemble an anime. The only issue with that being, it doesn’t resemble “Speed Racer.” Everything is too colorful and vibrant, but still very pleasing to watch. My rating is five ruined childhoods out of 10.

“The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” is one most people hold dear to their hearts. Understandably so, this was released at a time in which the original creator was a writer for the show and quality was favored over quantity. In this film, Spongebob and his friend Patrick have to recover King Neptune’s crown after it was stolen in order to provide a distraction for Plankton, an evil genius, to seize control of the town. This movie is simply just a long episode of “Spongebob Squarepants,” with a more theatrical feel to it. Nothing is over complicated in the story and is able to keep the focus of kids and teenagers alike. Even the jokes used in the movie aren’t too out of bounds for kids to understand but not too cheesy to be funny. My rating is two ruined childhoods out of 10.

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