Bad Parking


You’re looking and looking and looking some more, but you can’t find it. You’ve searched the whole place with watchful eye, but it’s nowhere to be found. You check the clock. “Oh man, I’m going to be so late!” Why can’t people just park inside the lines?! Okay, so maybe you can find a spot, maybe you get lucky and get a spot up near the front. But seriously, the parking at NPHS is so bad. Let me show you a few pictures of some of the worst parking jobs I’ve seen this month.

“Line Hugger” -Sometimes you just need to hold on to something solid

“Dead Center” -It’s pretty hard to miss when you can take up two parking spots.

“Let’s Touch Bumpers” –Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…, but the car version.

“Elbow Room” -When they won’t quit parking next to you, so you make them stop.

“Geometry Guy” -It’s literally all about the angles

“Wrong Line, Pal” -At first look this looks like a hugger too, but no. The real line is in the middle of the car.