Dungeons & Dragons

What is it really?

Dungeons and Dragons can be anything you want to make it. There are no limits.

D&D is the ultimate mix between a video game and a board game. It is a tabletop role-playing game. In other words, the fate of your character is dependent on your decisions. In this interactive fantasy universe you can use fire blades, magic, fight trolls, and face all sorts of tasks and challenges. But the basics of how to play is: pick a character, join a team, and then start completing quest campaigns.

Senior Ethan Brown started playing about three years ago. His journey began when his friend invited him to play a game. “It’s an engaging game,” he said.

Brown believes that D&D is a very open-ended game. “It gives you more freedom than other mediums of gaming,” he said. In the game, Brown says that you can do what you want, and you can be who you want.

Brown likes to see what happens every time he plays the game. “You can create a story and get an idea of what might happen, but getting a group of people together and seeing how they change what has happened is the entertaining part,” said Brown.

Brown said that there is a big chunk of people who play at North Platte High. “You can have a lot of fun with it if you want take it serious or if you just want to joke around,” he said.

Overall, D&D is a whole mash of strategy, fantasy, and fun for the most part. “It’s like telling a story, but you let other people tell that story with you,” Brown said.