The new kids on the block


The blue prints for Raising Cane’s new building. It has already been fully approved and is waiting to be claimed in City Hall.

Your chicken tender cravings are about to get more choices. Chain restaurant Raising Cane’s is coming to North Platte along with several other new businesses.

Raising Cane’s building plans for remodeling the Wells Fargo bank next to Burger King at 1304 S. Jeffers has been approved by the city of North Platte.They have yet to announce a schedule for construction and have not set a completion goal but city workers say they are hoping to be open by Nebraska Land Days. “Everybody has already signed off, all they need to do is pay for their permits and they can start whenever they’re ready,” said Dave Hahn, North Platte building official. “My guess is they are waiting for warmer weather.”

Want to work in a hotel? A new branch of the Hilton chain called Tru is currently under development near Iron Eagle golf course and is now hiring. Designed to be an affordable hotel for the “new generation” of traveler, the rooms will be noticeably smaller while the lobby will be significantly larger. It’s going to have a fireplace, pool table, and a market where you can buy food said Pat Keenan, managing member for Keenan Management LLC. “We are scheduled to open on May 8.”

Right next to the Taco Bell, in front of Hobby Lobby a new truck stop is currently under construction and will take the place of the one near it. “We have a Hardee’s restaurant going in the south end of the new building in front of Hobby Lobby,” said Mark Wilkinson, owner of Wilkinson Development Company. “We’re hoping to have it ready sometime in June.”

Another gas station is planned to replace the old McDonalds building following its destruction. It will contain a restaurant but as of yet, it has not been confirmed. Wilkinson said it will be about a third of the size of the one by Hobby Lobby.

These are a few of the major projects scheduled in the coming months. Some current businesses will be expanding and a few small businesses will come in and occupy an existing building. Not many of them have finite finish dates and may be delayed. “It takes a long time to pull these things together,” said Wilkinson.