What’s new to NPHS

English teacher Jami Allen grades students’ final papers for her advanced composition class,

Even though the school year is coming to a close, a new change is coming to North Platte High School next fall. The high school’s Vice Principal Scott Siegel said “We’re putting out a district wide policy; it’s kind of a philosophical shift in how grades are calculated. I think it’s going to be a fairer grading system for students.” The administration believes that this new grading system will be a better measurement of student’s mastery of a state standard. The new grading policy will be based more on test scores than on the completion of homework. Siegel believes that the reason that many students fail their classes are because of missing assignments that translate to zeros in the gradebook. “We want our grades to show us the student’s understanding of the standards. What zeros on homework assignments do is take the focus off the understanding of the concept,” Siegel said. Siegel wants to reassure students that this new policy change will not impact students who are poor test takers. “Some students may say, ‘I’m a poor test taker’, but within this you’re going to have opportunities to retake tests for a better score,” said Siegel. Other students do not share Siegel’s opinion. Sophomore Jacob Cahill said “I don’t see the point in this whole thing. If you get full credit back on a retake, what’s the point in trying the first time on your test.” Other students believe that this new policy will discourage students from completing their homework. Sophomore Katy Greene said “How you learn is based on notes, so then if you don’t do any of your assignments and do bad on your test, you can retake it with this policy which isn’t smart. I just think you should have to be able to put in the work on your assignments to do well on your test.” Whether or not you’re a proponent of this new policy, a new change will be coming to North Platte High School.