Time for the Thimes

“I have three other siblings and they always talked about doing something together, but never got around to learning an instrument that the other person plays,” sophomore Ainsley Thimes said. On April 7, Ainsley Thimes and her brother, senior Colin Thimes, will be performing together at the annual North Platte High School music contest.


The idea to perform together was Colin Thimes’ idea. “When my older sister went here we were going to do a big percussion ensemble, but that got cut so we didn’t get to do anything. My mom wanted me and Ainsley to do something,” Colin Thimes said. “Now it’s just Colin and I left so we thought, why not?” Ainsley Thimes said.
Colin Thimes’ main instrument is the marimba, a percussion instrument, but Ainsley Thimes’ primary instrument is the clarinet, a woodwind, so the marimba is new territory for her. “I’m pretty nervous because he wants me to have it [the song] memorized too, but it’s a new instrument so learning how to play it and memorizing it is going be hard,” Ainsley Thimes said.


Now it’s just Colin and I left so we thought, why not?”

— Ainsley Thimes



The Thimes siblings are excited for their performance. “I feel like it’s more fun because we’re closer,” Colin Thimes said. “I’m hoping we’ll get a 1, which is the best you can do at contest, because this is his [Colin’s] senior year,” Ainsley Thimes said.