Time to ACT


Have you started studying for the ACT test? The ACT is required for most college and university applications, and every junior in Nebraska is required to take the test this year. Assistant Principal Stuart Lenz is organizing this test in the place of taking the NeSA test. Lenz said that the advantage of taking this test is that it gives every student the chance to take a test that they can use to get into college or earn scholarships. “Studying really could be a matter of getting a scholarship, or getting into the college that you want to get into,” he said.

Junior Skyler King is taking an ACT prep class to prepare herself for the mandatory test. “I want to take the ACT prep class so that I can get a higher score, it’s helpful when applying for colleges and getting more scholarships.” Senior Andrew Phares studied for this test and took it five different times until he got a score that he wanted. “It helps to get full ride scholarships, and also regency scholarships which cover full tuition.”

On the other hand, it depends on what you plan to do after high school. Senior Ty Brouillette plans to work doing welding after high school. “I think I will go to Wyoming for two years, but I already got accepted so it didn’t matter what I got on my ACT. I’m still going to be well prepared for my future.” Senior Adam Hill felt similarly to Brouillette, “I want to go to a two year college that has a good welding program, but you still get the college experience. My ACT score doesn’t matter to this college, so the test itself wasn’t very important to me.”