Dare to Affair


Brett Folk

Morgan Lashley’s pottery displayed at Sweet Affair of the Arts.

Sweet Affair of the Arts held its 10th annual celebration of the arts department on Feb. 13. The celebration boasts several pieces of artwork along with performances by student musicians. While enjoying the entertainment, guests are welcome to dig into delicious parent-made desserts.

The senior drum major has been part of the event since he was a freshman. Out of all the years Blagdon has been active in the event, last year, 2016, was his most memorable, “I performed with Emma [Wilkinson]. We always wanted to perform together, but we never got around to it until then.”

Senior Morgan Lashley got the opportunity to display her artwork for her first time this year. “I liked the bowl that I made with all the flowers decorating it. It took a very long time to create, but it turned out really cool,” she said.

Freshman Aleecia Pace performed this year at the event for the first time. “I thought it was awesome getting to see kids talents that you don’t get to see everyday,” said Pace. Pace sang a song while also playing an acoustic guitar. “Now that I just started high school a lot of people didn’t know who I was… after the other night I feel like now they do,” she said.
Band Director Brett Bradley said he enjoys the laid back atmosphere at the event. “It puts the kids at ease to perform,” said Bradley. The turnout for this year’s celebration was good according to Bradley, but isn’t the largest that he has seen.
Bradley didn’t get around to tasting the desserts this year but he heard the cheesecake cupcakes were phenomenal.