Dates gone wrong


Freshman Nick Anderson –We’re at the movies, and everything’s going well, and I went to get popcorn. I came back and I tripped and spilled the popcorn all over her. But we sat down and watched the movie awkwardly. I tried to put my arm around her, and she grabs it and puts it back down. It was really awkward.

Junior Avery McEntee-We went to the movies, and his dad was there trying to make it awkward. He tried to open a door for me, and his dad said to me that I had to do stuff on my own and not let people do stuff for me. He tried to get me popcorn, and I just spilled it all over. It was just a really bad train wreck.

Sophomore Logan Divine-I borrowed my brother’s car for the date, and we went to a basketball game, and I was thinking that maybe this was not a good idea. Afterwards we went to get something to eat, and I ordered this soup from Tempura, and it was super hot. I just decided to spill it all over myself, so I could get out of this. And then I just kind of made my way to the car and left without her.

Junior Tearyn Wilson-Last year, I went to homecoming and my date and I went out to supper before the dance. We both ordered onion soup. I realized after that my breath really stunk, and I needed some gum before the dance. I asked him for gum and he told me no. He said “The onion smell would keep other boys away.’”

Teacher Jeff Hess- I went to pick this girl up for a party and her father made it pretty clear that she was going to be home by 11:00. He asked me if I knew who Geronimo was, and I said, ‘Well, isn’t that the Indian?’ And he said, “No, that’s the last words you’ll hear when you fly out the back of that Lincoln Continental if she’s not home by 11:00.” He had me in kind of a death grip by the neck. She definitely got home by 11:00.

Teacher Brittany McDaniel-My prom date, my junior year I was going to bring a boy from Grand Island. He ditched me on Thursday. So on Friday, I showed up to school and asked the first freshman I saw. I didn’t know his name. I had to go find out his name from Mr. Bradley. But now we’re best friends.