What would YOU do for $100?

For most people, $100 goes a pretty long way. It’s always nice to have a little extra money around, but the question is, how far would you go to get it? Here’s what some North Platte High School students and teachers would and wouldn’t do to get $100.

Q. Would you eat twelve worms for $100?

A. Senior Will Phillips: 
“I would not eat twelve worms for $100. I don’t think I’d eat one for that much money. Worms are disgusting and I couldn’t put that nasty, slithering thing in my mouth.

Q. Would you chew off someone else’s fingernails for $100?

A. Senior Mack Nelson: “Probably, I chew my own nails daily, so what the difference? I would only chew off one though.”

Q. Would you wear wet socks for a full day for $100?

A. Teacher Phil Willey: “Yeah, oh yeah, because I can buy lots of stuff with $100.”


Q. Would you wear a Trump t-shirt to school for $100?

A. Senior Jordan Sligar: “God, no. Trump is complete trash, and I don’t want trash to be on my body.”

Q. Would you eat a full bar of soap for $100?

A. Junior Jesse MacMillan: “Well it would definitely depend on the flavor of soap. I’d do it as long as it wasn’t any type of Axe. Maybe the chocolate scented Axe would taste good, but probably not.”

Q. Would you eat a dollar bill for $100?

A. Sophomore Kiara Taylor: “Umm, no, because that doesn’t seem right and it’s paper.”