I would walk 2.65 miles


Photo Credits: RDM Pro's Photography

Libsack poses with other cheerleaders on their tour of Ellis Island.

“Walking in the Macy’s Day Parade was so exciting, it felt like I was a celebrity. The whole crowd was excited to see us,” said North Platte High School senior Morgan Libsack. This year Libsack walked in the Macy’s Day Parade with several hundred cheerleaders from all over the nation as an All-American Cheerleader.
Libsack said she enjoyed walking in the parade the most. “It was a little nerve-racking that the entire nation was watching so I was also a little bit nervous,” she said. As a little girl Libsack watched the parade every year and thought how cool it would be to be apart of something so spectacular.
Thanksgiving day wasn’t watching football and overeating turkey for Libsack. At 3:30 a.m. the cheerleaders woke up to start getting ready. Then at 6:00 they arrived at their startpoint for the parade. The cheerleaders then had to sit in bitter-cold New York weather for three hours. “We had to sit in tiny aluminum foil blankets to keep warm. We looked like baked potatoes,” she said.
At 9 a.m., the parade started. “The theme for this years cheer was robotic. So the outfits were special metallic, lime green and pink colors. Oh and bright pink poms,” she said. They walked until 11:30 a.m.
After the parade, Libsack met with her mom to begin her holiday. “My mom and I went to an Italian restaurant on 53rd and 6th Avenue,” she said. “They were serving Thanksgiving meal and it was actually like the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had.”
We spent the rest of Thanksgiving walking through Central Park. “It was breathtaking because all of the leaves had changed colors,” she said. Then that night we went to Macy’s for Black Friday, “It was completely hectic but I got my deals,” she said.