Acting Up


One Act participants rehearse for their upcoming play, Bible Camp the Musical.

Imagine being in a play that is condensed down into half an hour. This play has little use of props, and often uses people to portray things as simple as trees. What you’re imagining is similar to the activity, One Act.
One Act has an upcoming play on Nov. 29. The play is called, Bible Camp: The Musical. It’s about girls and boys competing for a musical competition, and how they try to sabotage each other.
One Act is under direction of math teacher David Cooper. Junior Mandi Hatch said that Cooper got the idea to do, Bible Camp the Musical at a speech competition. Hatch said, “We have fun and like any team we have to work together.”
Junior Kaden Griesfeller, who’s also playing Jack, said he was nervous and excited to perform for Bible Camp: The Musical. Hatch said being on stage is amazing. “When we’re off stage we get really nervous but on stage we’re in the groove. Being on stage is amazing,” she said. Both Griesfeller and Hatch have been part of drama for three years.
Competitions for One Act begin in December. Dates for this competition have yet to be announced. However there is three festivals that One Act is performing in, which start Nov. 30 and go through December. The festivals are Mid Plains festival, Loop City festival and Blue Gold festival. “My favorite part is going and watching other schools, and seeing how they make it their own,” said Hatch.
The competitions are criticized by three judges while the festivals aren’t judged at all. The festivals are for displaying talent and having fun. Hatch has received awards her freshman and sophomore years. She is the only student who has received those awards. Will her talent earn her a third award? Show up to the play on Nov. 29 to see what she’s got. Avery Munson Avery Munson Avery Munson