New Language: Class of 2017


Savanna States

Juniors Braiden Ruffin and Christian Ramos demonstrate a neck.

“That’s a neck!” There’s a good chance that at some point over the course of your high school experience you’ve heard this phrase. What does it mean? What’s a neck, anyway? And what in the world do terms such as Adam, Chris, Scott, and Jay mean?
After recently talking with some of 2017 and 2018 class, we discovered what they have invented these phrases up to be. This “language” of sorts began as a joke between a small group of friends and now almost the entire school knows about it. It hasn’t died, if anything it just continues to spread like wildfire. Did the founders ever think these terms would gain this much popularity? Well no. Senior Cade Cox, a founding member of the language said, “I absolutely never thought that this would be a joke still, it was sort of an underground thing.”
When asked if he uses these terms every day, Cox said, “No, that was more of a freshman thing.” Senior Bram Loving also agreed that they used the language more frequently during freshman year. Yet, junior Benny Brockmoller said, “Duh, they’re sick. Also, the whole freshmen class deserves a neck.”
Senior Cade DiGiovanni agrees about the freshman class using the terms, “It’s dumb hearing the freshmen say the terms. They say the words, but they have no idea who they are or why we said that, the language is stupid.”
When asked if the language was invented to talk about others without them knowing Cox said, “I guess in a way it was.” Senior Braden Langemeier said, “Sometimes I feel like it leaves a bad influence on underclassmen.”
I think this gives the school a good idea of who still wants the language to be kept alive, thanks to all classes below 2017. Here’s to all you Chrises (hypocrites) out there!