Notorious D.I.G.

Biggest Challenge: Having bad knees
Biggest Success: Getting looked at by college, I suppose
Biggest hope for the season: Make it to State.What motivates you: Getting looked at by colleges.
How long have you played: Since the 5th grade.
Why did you start: I liked watching football.
Favorite team memory: Figuring out we were going to playoffs, last year
Celebrity crush: Margot Robbie
What’s on your playlist: “I’m the Man” by 50 Cent
Fact about you that people don’t know: I’m an expert chef
Favorite drink: Gatorade
Food: Jimmy John’s
Favorite movie: Project X because it is a very funny movie
Favorite Athlete: Randy Moss because he was electric
Spirit Animal: Panther
Guilty pleasure: Watching Jersey Shore
What do you do on the bus: We sit in the back and talk
Favorite coach and why: Pacheco because he’s my position coach
Favorite teammate: Ruffin because he tries to motivate people
Favorite part of high school football: My favorite part of playing is the games because they mark all the work you’ve put in until then and what you need to get better at before next week
Plans for after highschool: Go to college
Nickname: The DiG, I got that because all of my friends and teammates butcher my last name
Where would you go if you could get a football scholarship to any school: Whoever would give me one because they had faith in me