Worth the weight


Advanced classes should be weighted at North Platte High School. When a class is weighted, it is graded on a five point scale, instead of a four point scale. For example, if you got an A in American government, you’d get a 4.0 for that class, but if you got an A in AP American Government, you’d get a 5.0. This would factor into your grade point average. A B in an advanced class would be the equivalent to an A in a normal class.

Lots of students don’t take advanced classes because they’re afraid that it could drop their GPA down by multiple points.

“I don’t necessarily think [weighted GPAs] are fair if all school systems don’t implement them,” said junior Ashley Sweet, “I love the idea behind them, but when I apply for college I may have gotten better grades than a kid who goes to school in a system where they use a weighted GPA but he would have a higher GPA.” Sweet also said, “ I think we should implement a weighted GPA system to level the playing field. How can college courses, and electives such as basic foods be grades the same?”

A weighted GPA would give more realistic class ranks. Currently, students who take less risks academically and get high GPAs are exceeding the students who take AP classes and get B’s or C’s in those classes. This is important because some scholarships look at class rank. Students will also be more competitive in applying for college.

Junior Soha Vaziri said, “Another factor our district doesn’t consider is that many top level universities, especially those out of state, expect higher level students to have GPAs of 4.2-4.3 as an average applicant, which puts students from our school at a disadvantage since we don’t offer the option of getting above a 4.0.”

Weighted grades would motivate students to take more honors or advanced placement classes. They would be competitive and feel rewarded with a higher GPA. More students would double up on classes or take harder electives so that they could get higher GPAs. Students want to be recognized for taking harder classes.

Senior Taylor Kramer thinks that weighted GPAs are beneficial. She said, “I think they’re really helpful, because there’s lots of kids with 4.0s that only took easy classes.”

Everyone gets equal representation. Students who choose to participate in weighted classes get weighted grades, and students who choose to take easier classes, aren’t penalized; they get unweighted grades. Our school system should encourage and reward students for taking harder classes.