Pacers mentor younger generations of dancers


Jonathan Dekleva

Members of the Little Dawgs Dance Camp perform at halftime of the football game on Sept. 30.

Madison Stewart, Staff Writer

The NPHS Pacer dance team held a dance camp for young students on Sept. 30 to perform at halftime of the Omaha Westside game. 

Sophomore Jenna Ward, in her second year with the Pacers, spoke of the importance of the upcoming generations.

“It’s a fun way to recruit young dancers to interest them in doing Pacers,” Ward said. “We really need some future generations.”

The camp was offered to kindergarten through sixth grade.

“Part of doing it with kids that young is to hopefully get them interested in the program.” Pacers coach Skye Story said.

The event was a great way to give younger children interests in doing this activity in high school.

 “They say they want to be a cheerleader or a Pacer when they get to high school,” Ward said, “giving them a fun learning experience to do a routine with us and dance on the field will encourage that.” 

We only had about 20 (last year) and we went up to about 100, so I’d say we did pretty good.

— Brooklyn Songster

The Pacers do a lot of work in a few hours teaching these young kids and keeping them on task.

“It gives the participants a chance to learn a dance, have some fun and perform at halftime,” Story said.

The Pacers went to elementary schools to advertise, as well as on their social media. 

“We only had about 20 (last year) and we went up to about 100, so I’d say we did pretty good,” sophomore Brooklyn Songster said.

This is also a way for the high school to be involved with the elementary schools.

“I think it will spark some spirited younger kids,” Ward said.

Story was there to help the Pacers with the children.

“It definitely helped them work together,” Story said.