Royalty among us

Alexandria Thompson competed at national level last summer.


Job Vigil, North Platte Telegraph

Freshman Ally Thompson waves to the crowd as she is crowned Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen earlier this year.

RaeLynn McKinzie, Staff Writer

NPHS freshman Alexandria Thompson was crowned Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen on June 11, 2022. 

From June 10-12, Thompson competed in many different categories to try and win the title.

“I had the opportunity to compete for the state title of Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen,” Thompson said. “I think it’s important that you have a girl that is going to lead and be a good role model.”

Thompson grew up in the organization where she was a little sister which is a program where younger kids get to be mentored by an older candidate. 

“I was a little sister and a little princess for a teen and a miss.” Thompson said, “My family has always been a part of the organization.”

Thompson is the youngest candidate to win Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen.

“I was the youngest candidate at nationals, as well” and “I am the youngest Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen we’ve ever had,” she said. 

Thompson has worked with many people in the state of Nebraska and even out of state.

“I’ve been working with a vocal coach and instructor for my talent portion,” she added. 

Thompson also enjoys being in the community. 

“I’ve gotten to do lots of community service work and got to know multiple people in our community.” 

She has enjoyable conversations and is participating in the community with people from all over.

“I love being able to have educated conversations and also being out in the community,” Thompson said. 

This organization is a big deal for Thompson being that she has always been a part of it. 

“I absolutely think that this organization is a huge part of my life.”

Thompson only started to compete a few years ago. 

“I started competing when I was 13 in May of 2020,” Thompson said, “I went to state for the first time and came third runner-up my first year at state, which I was ecstatic about.”

Although Thompson still wants to compete she doesn’t have anything planned in the next few months.

“I don’t have any plans to compete again next year,” Thompson said.