Opinion: Masks

NPHS student thinks that we should be wearing mask due to COVID

Annalisia Hernandez, Photography Editor

Mask wearing is a topic many people debate about. Some people agree with the idea or they disagree. I agree with wearing masks. My reasoning for that is a quote from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “If worn properly, a surgical mask is meant to help block large particles, sprays, or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), keeping it from reaching your mouth and nose. Surgical masks may also help reduce exposure of your saliva to others.” So according to the FDA, masks do work. However, many people in North Platte do not agree with this. 

On August 25, many parents of NPPSD students did not like the mask mandate, the mask mandate is where they have to wear a mask if you are not vaccinated. So parents or guardians protested at McKinley Education Center, demanding that they should have a say in whether their children should wear masks or not.  COVID-19 is a pandemic; it’s not going to go away unless masks are worn.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the flu rate while wearing a mask in 2020 decreased by a great amount: 1,316 tested positive for influenza worldwide in 2020. However, many people say that they did not test for the flu and only COVID.  COVID is still a big thing and different people with different health conditions react differently. Wear a mask until COVID is over. 

Matthew Rodgers wearing a mask- Photo by  (Jonathan Dekleva)