Razing and raising the mall

North Platte mall being rebuilt with an additional four story apartment complex.


(Haylee Tafoya)

To the left of the mall entrance you can still see the faint logo of Herberger’s

Haylee Tafoya and Matthew Rodgers

A phrase you hear a lot in North Platte is, “there’s nothing to do around here,” which, for the most part, seems true.

Due to COVID-19, a lot of places have shut down, including businesses in the mall building. The former owners of The Platte River Mall sold it to NebraskaLand Bank, and they offered it to Mike Works. Works has a lot of experience with revitalizing buildings and sharing his ideas to make cities better. He has renovated a Walmart in Columbus by adding a hotel, apartment complex, and a few food chains.

Works and his company have partnered up with the president of New Generation Construction (NGC) Justin Hernandez on this big project. Since 2013, NGC has made 2,150 hotels, but in the past has worked on schools, including colleges, hospitals, retails, offices, and restaurants.

The redevelopment plan will cost $75 million, around $600,000 is to replace Hibbett Sports with Dunham’s Sports and take over a big part of the southern half, next to Ashley HomeStore. They plan to contact Kohl’s department stores but have already had important talks with Target, Old Navy, Panda Express, and many other businesses.

Very few stores are open in the mall but this is the only entrance besides the theatre. (Haylee Tafoya)

The Companies requested a loan to Employment Enhance Area to recieve the resources needed to almost completely modify the old mall, which was approved in May. The council also approved the Quality Growth Funds (QGF) so they have enough money to attract the right type of tenants they want.

The south portion of the mall will be done first, improving utilities, asphalt and more. According to Works, REV Construction Inc. can do the construction upfront and wait for the loans that add up to $15.63 million, but if they run short, they will run out of money to give the main mall a touch up.

New entrances and drive-up parking will be on the Dewey Street with not much retail on the east side. They want to rebuild the main part of the existing mall and tear down the four buildings surrounding it, replacing some businesses. The final plan creates a total of 11 additional buildings for entertainment, retail and food chains.

Nebraskaland Tire and Service would relocate inside the mall and be replaced with a four story apartment building complex. New tenants will be facing Dewey Street, with parking right in front of the door. They plan to have the first phase completed this year.