February 2020 Bulldogs of the month

Nathenial Crow, Arts & Entertainment Editor

You walk into a party you were invited to, and you see your friend wearing the exact same outfit, how would you react?

Annetta Von Kampen: Take a picture

Bryce Langemeier: I’d just go say Hi


If rain could fall in any scent, what scent would you want it to be?

Annetta Von Kampen: Daisies.

Bryce Langemeier: Bubble Gum



Forget about sounds like babbling brooks, gentle showers, and warbling birds. What is your favorite loud sound?

Annetta Von Kampen: Loud Band/ Orchestra

Bryce Langemeier: Banging of any sorts

If all drinking fountains could dispense another liquid in addition to water, what would you want it to be?

Annetta Kampen: Flavored Water

Bryce Langemeier: Dr. Pepper

You’ve been given the chance to travel into the future to see how the world will change over the next 50 years. What change, in particular, are you the most interested in?

Annetta Von Kampen: The way our government is set up. I think there’s a lot of work that can be done so it’d be interesting to see any changes that have been made

Bryce Langemeier: To see if cancer is gone.