Strides for success

Kris Kautz prepares for his first track season

Priscila Mondragõn, Managing Editor

Senior Kris Kautz decides to give up playing soccer to get money for college.

For the past three years, Kautz has participated in multiple sports. “I played soccer, football, and I participated in swim and dive,” he said. This has caused Kautz to be active throughout his whole school year. 

During the summer, Kautz had considered the idea of joining track and field during the spring. He has not run a track meet since his 8th grade year. Giving up a sport can be a challenge for some, but not for Kautz. “I think it would be better for me, and I’m trying to get a track scholarship,” he said.

In the summer, Kautz had taken time to prepare himself. “I went to some sprint camps and a football camp,” said Kautz. “During these camps I ran a good time and realized I should run track.” He has then decided to change his spring sport from soccer to track and field. 

Senior Kris Kautz gets recognition at the swim and dive senior night. (Tyler Neil)

Coach Brian Jahnke has been Kautz’s swimming coach for the past four years. “He’s a strong athlete, and when he’s at his best he can compete with anyone,” he said.

To get ready for track season, Kautz has been attending sprint camps every Sunday. “I have been going to Arnold to run with the Quantum Athletics for the last year,” he said.

During the winter Kautz participates in swim and dive to help prepare for track season. “The reason I do swim is for running, so I can be in shape, and in the past, it would help me in soccer,” said Kautz.

The swim team swims approximately  2.4 miles every day. “Even though swimming doesn’t have an impact on your feet, it builds your cardiovascular system…which allows you to have good lungs that transfer over to being a better athlete,” said Jahnke. 

Kautz is near the end of his senior year, and is having to prepare for the future. “I plan to go to college and run track while I’m there,” he said. 

Kautz has been offered scholarships from three different colleges. “I got offers to Dordt University in Iowa, Ottawa, Kansas, and John Brown University,” he said.

Kautz said he is considering committing to Dordt University in Iowa. “We’ll see how track season goes and in case I get a better scholarship offer,” he said.

Through it all Kautz is thankful for all the support he has received. “I am grateful for my college offers and give the glory to God for the blessings,” said Kautz.